About Me

My name is Noelle Bower and I am a twenty-something Midwesterner with a passion for food.  I love cooking and baking, collecting cookbooks, trying out new restaurants, and my personal favorite... eating!  I am currently cooking out of a small apartment in Chicago's Gold Coast. While short on counter space and with barely enough room for two cooks in the kitchen, I seem to be making it work!

Why Blog?
I have grown to love reading numerous food blogs and have decided to give my own a try. I usually email friends and family the recipes that I am trying out in the kitchen and thought a blog would be a perfect place to showcase my recipes for all to see.  Plus, I got a new camera for Christmas and thought I could start putting it to some use!

My Blog
On the Food Network and Bravo's Top Chef the chefs always say that you need a point of view, so what's my point of view?  I would say that I make healthy fresh food that is for the most part easy to throw together on a busy weeknight.  I live a busy life here in Chicago but I won't let that stop me from eating well! 

On my blog you will find healthy recipes (and a few not so healthy), Chicago restaurant suggestions and my take on some of my favorite Chicago restaurants best dishes. 

My Kitchen