Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Chopped Proposal

We are getting married! Brady proposed on Friday night and we have had the most romantic and fun-filled weekend that I could ever have imagined. Brady completely spoiled me and went all out planning what will be a weekend that we will always remember. I honestly can't stop smiling!

It all started last Sunday when Brady suggested that we have a Chopped date night on Friday. Brady and I love Chopped on the Food Network. For those that haven't seen the show, contestants are given a basket with four ingredients. They are then able to use the stocked fridge and pantry to create a new dish in the allotted time. We have been talking about having a Chopped date night for the longest time so it something that I was incredibly excited about.

After work on Friday, I purchased my basket ingredients and met Brady at home. I showed Brady the ingredients that I had bought for him and then he started pulling items out of his basket. His basket had a theme. His items were the following:

1. Pork chops- Brady had a pork chop on our first date and thought it was so funny when I asked right away if I could try it. (A good sign that the date is going well in both of our opinions!)

2. Pasta sauce- The first time I cooked for Brady I made him homemade bolognese.

3. Macaroni-  Brady and I were sharing macaroni and cheese when he asked me to be his girlfriend.

4. Sprouts- We ate at Sprout on our first anniversary.

5. Skirt steak- We made this the night before our engagement. There was more said about our relationship but I don't want to overshare :)

6. Champagne and strawberries- For us to celebrate with!

7. and.... the most beautiful diamond ring!!!

We then packed up our overnight bags and headed to the Waldorf Astoria for a weekend staycation. The hotel was beyond amazing. Our room, which was actually a room and then a separate living room, was honestly double the size of my apartment. We had a working fireplace, balcony overlooking the city, and they had set up a vase of red long stem roses and champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.

For dinner on Friday we went to Tarantino's, our first date restaurant. It was so much fun to sit and recount our first meeting, our first date just a week later, and the past two and half years that we have spent together. On Saturday, I got a manicure at the hotel spa and then we went out on a sailboat on Lake Michigan. We have wanted to do that for awhile now so it was so nice to be out on the water, sit in the sun, and relax. We then went to Avec for a drink and then next door to Blackbird. Blackbird was amazing and definitely lived up to the hype!

Olaf, our captain, made us take off our sunglasses. He didn't seem to understand that it's impossible to smile and keep your eyes open when you are looking into the sun.

As you can see, it was a pretty special weekend for so many reasons. I am so thankful and blessed to have met Brady. He makes me feel special and loved everyday. The time and thought that he put into this weekend means so much to be and I can't wait to be his wife!

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Kirsten said...

CONGRATS!!! We are so happy for you! Brady has landed the greatest lady!