Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Le pain, le fromage, les olives et vin , j'aime la France!

I just got home from an incredible ten day trip to France with my mom. We spent 2 1/2 days in Paris (not nearly enough time), 4 days in Provence in the small town of St. Remy, and then 3 days on the French Rivera in St. Paul de Vence. I knew that I would love France but I had no idea how amazed I would be by the beauty and the charm that can be found throughout the country. It seemed like every time we turned a corner we were more and more in awe of a winding cobblestone street, ancient Roman ruins, or a view of the Mediterranean sea. I'm not going to lie, we also had moments that weren't quite so amazing, being lost in Aix-en-Provence, almost getting carsick on the worlds steepest drive up to the mountain top village of Eze, and my mom almost burning down Sacre-Coeur Basilica in Paris. But for the most part, the trip was perfect!

When we weren't touring the beautiful towns throughout Provence and the French Rivera, we were busy eating wonderful French and Italian food. At first I felt incredibly guilty eating Italian food, I kept thinking "we are in France, you can't order pizza in France!" But apparently because we were in the south of France the Italian influence is huge and everyone eats Italian. Needless to say, I quickly got over the guilt and enjoyed my pasta and pizza! As well as croissants, pastries, cheese and wine :)

Here are some photos of the great food we had while in France. Bon appetit!

Tarte Fraîches Berry (Fresh Berry Tart)
Soupe de poisson (Fish Soup- to eat, you rub garlic on the bread, add a little aoili and cheese and drop in the soup)

Le fromage
Crumble aux pommes (Apple crumble)
Salade fromage de chèvre avec du lardon et du pain grillé et fig confit (Salad with bacon and toasts with goat cheese and fig confit)
La viande bovine avec les abricots et olives (Beef with apricots and olives)
Les crevettes avec risotto (Prawns with risotto)

Pain au Chocolat (Croissant with chocolate)

Fromage pizza en Italie (Cheese pizza in Italy- we crossed over into Italy one day!)

If anyone is considering a trip to France feel free to email me, I have lots of recommendations for towns to visit and places to stay along the way!

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