Thursday, July 14, 2011

Chicken, Artichoke, and Sun-dried Tomato Pizza

Pizza is one of the easiest things to make on a busy weeknight. You can honestly throw on whatever you have in the fridge or pick up a few cheap ingredients at the store and you are likely to end up with a tasty and satisfying pizza. Plus if you don't absolutely cover it in cheese, pizza can be a pretty healthy dinner.

The other night Brady and I planned to go to Movies in the Park. Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate. With ominous clouds approaching we nixed our plans and had to come up with a plan b for dinner. After a quick trip to Trader Joe's we came up with the below pizza. You'll notice the measurements for the ingredients are far from scientific but the pizza turned out great. While I was disappointed we had to postpone our picnic in the park I was very pleased that I ended up with yet another great pizza recipe to share!

Chicken, Artichoke, and Sun-dried Tomato Pizza

Serves 4
Prep/Cook Time: 25 minutes

store bought or homemade pizza crust
1 large chicken breast, cut into bite sized pieces
2 cloves garlic, minced and seperated
1/2 can artichokes, roughly chopped
1/2 red onion, thinly sliced
handful of sun-dried tomatoes
handful of Kalamata olives
handful of mozzarella cheese
handful of feta cheese
handful of fresh basil
2 tsp. olive oil 

Preheat the oven according to the directions for the pizza dough. Spread the dough onto a greased pizza pan or cookie sheet. Bake the dough for 5 minutes with nothing on it.

Meanwhile, heat a saute pan over medium high heat and coat with cooking spray. Add one clove of minced garlic and saute for 1 minute. Add the chicken pieces and saute until cooked, about 5 minutes.

Remove the dough from the oven and brush with 2 tsp of olive oil and sprinkle on the other clove of minced garlic. Place the cooked chicken, artichokes, red onion, sun-dried tomatoes, and olives all over the pizza. Next sprinkle on a handful of mozzarella and feta cheese. Bake for the remaining time that the dough's instructions suggest. Once the pizza has been removed from the oven add the fresh basil on top.

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K said...

I love pizza!!! We are having it tomorrow, I love grilling the dough!!! Miss ya :)