Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Anniversary Dinner at Sprout

 This past weekend Brady and I went to Sprout in Lincoln Park to celebrate our anniversary. Top Chef contestant Dale Levitski opened Sprout last year and I have been wanting to go ever since. I was not disappointed, I loved the restaurant. The food was amazing, the restaurant was gorgeous, and the bartender threw in a free glass of champagne for us since she overhead us say it was our anniversary (I may start dropping the anniversary line more often if it means free champagne!)

Sprout has a prix fixe bistro menu and we decided to add wine pairings so not only did we get to experience great food but I also tried some fun wines that I wouldn't necessarily have ordered on my own. For a starter I had the citrus, which was a salad composed of greens, citrus fruits and a mustard dressing and Brady had the duck, which was served two ways. I liked what I ordered but I really liked Brady's duck.

For my main course I had onaga, which is a Hawaiian fish similar to snapper. It was served in a miso broth with edamame and butternut squash. I absolutely loved the dish and plan to try and recreate it. I thought the combination of the edamame and butternut was really unique but worked really well together. For Brady's main course he had the quail with stuffing and fois gras. It was really good too, it's hard to beat good stuffing in my opinion!

There were intermezzo's served between the starter course and main course and then before the desert course. The first was a green soup, I honestly can't remember if it was made with leeks or peas but it was very tasty. Then for the second intermezzo we had melted cheddar cheese in between two Parmesan crisps served with raisin jam on the side. It was incredible. Crispy cheese plus melted cheese, what's not to like???

Picture of the "Grilled Cheese" taken off of Sprouts Website
For dessert Brady got the corn, which was perfect considering his love for popcorn. It was a mix of brioche, popcorn and corn kernels, vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. I can't remember the name of what I had. I should have been taking notes, although I am not sure how precise they would have been after the wine pairings... Forgotten name aside, my dessert consisted of a waffle, vanilla ice cream, candied bacon and a bourbon/syrup sauce- YUM! The food was really as great as it all sounds and I thought Sprout was the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion!

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